The Silver Platter

Daniella Silver, an exciting new personality in the world of Jewish cooking, combines an amazing sense of style and presentation with an understanding of what makes food wholesome and nutritious. As a busy mom of three little girls, not only does Daniella love to cook, she knows how to combine the traditional flavors of her own childhood with the fast, fresh, healthy ingredients of the modern kitchen. But don’t worry, she hasn’t left out the sweets! Her first book, The Silver Platter: Simple to Spectacular, serves up something for everyone.
The Silver Platter features over 160 recipes that explore new kosher dishes, tastes, techniques and presentations, all while keeping families happy with great-tasting, wholesome food. Working closely with Norene Gilletz—the “matriarch” of kosher cuisine—Daniella creates dishes for every occasion. Each recipe includes straightforward instructions, a gorgeous photograph, “Norene’s Notes” with tips and techniques, and full nutritional information. More than 80 recipes are gluten-free, perfect for Passover and gluten-free diets. Whether it’s a weeknight or a holiday celebration, The Silver Platter has a recipe that’s spectacular to serve and surprisingly easy to prepare. So… get cooking!