Hacher & Krain: Knife Demo

A good knife is a chef’s best friend, and the method used to forge it definitely makes a difference. Hacher & Krain will be at Manna Expo showcasing their collection from around the globe, and presenting on the history of knife making.

Demo schedule coming soon!

Hacher & Krain is committed to supporting the culinary cutlery skills, interests, and passions of all those who cook. They have spent years building working relationships with knife makers from around the world. They have traveled to and spent time with makers from: France, Finland, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain and beyond. Hacher & Krain learned first hand about the makers’ manufacturing techniques and traditions. This experience translated into a knife collection that reflects these makers’ craftsmanship and control over a variety of materials used to make their culinary knives. Ultimately this effort provides an informed overview of cutlery options, giving one the ability to choose based on understanding the best option for ones needs and budget.