Chocolate Odyssey

It’s hard to put an exact label on local Toronto boy Jesse Ginsberg. On any given day, he’s either a chef, a chocolatier, or a business entrepreneur. Jesse would say he’s just a straight-up foodie! Certainly as a constant, he is always friendly, charismatic, and approachable.
Growing up with a curiosity for all things food, it became evident that something was missing here in Toronto. Through his formidable years as an adolescent, traveling the world with his parents, and then completely on his own, he realized we truly were missing somewhere here back at home. What were we missing, you ask? Taste! Exotic flavours! Creativity! The very zest that had inspired him countless times throughout his culinary adventures seemed to have never made it’s way back to our humble Canadian metropolis.
Not able to stomach another bite of dry and mealy chicken supreme, or inedible salmon fillets that almost seemed to be a tradition at Simchas, Jesse decided enough was enough. If he couldn’t find the inspiration and excitement, than he would create it!
Jesse started Kosher Dudes catering, an events catering company, in March of 2015. His sole focus: to inspire others with food just as he had been; to elevate Kosher to the highest levels of cuisine by bringing real Kiddusha into the humblest of ingredients, transforming them into art; and finally, to change the perception of what Kosher can be. Influences from around the globe make their way into Jesse’s cuisine, with nods to his travels as far as Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina, Hong Kong, Southern USA, Hawaii, and the Caribbean to name a few. His food is colourful, creative, and most importantly, tastes incredible!
After 10 months of intense work and tasting in order to master his technique, his latest business venture is going to be ready to blossom just in time for Manna Expo. The Chocolate Odyssey, Toronto’s very first Kosher bean-to-bar chocolate company, will be making its chocolaty debut. Featuring single origin chocolate, Jesse sources beans from around the world, and hand selects only the finest flavor-grade cacao to make it’s way into his bars. Each bean that comes from a different region will have it’s own unique flavor profile, with some ranging from floral and fruity, to deep fudgy brownie notes. If you thought you knew chocolate, think again. For our show, Jesse will be featuring bars made from heirloom Peruvian Criollo cacao, one of the rarest and most sought after beans in the world. Also on sale will be anti-oxidant rich cacao nibs, as well as baking chocolate. Do yourself a favour, and save room for dessert!